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the art of figure skating and dancing

on the down low scale

Ana Figure skaters
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This is a community for anorexic or bulemic figure skaters or dancers...
1.) You must already have an eating disorder (ednos-anorexia-bulemia)
2.) Must have a dancer or figure skating hobby or backround
3.) Must not be starting out as can you help me become anorexic etc...
4.) No tips on how to purge, etc...
5.) Keep it nice not nasty
6.) Support not hurt
7.) u can use slang but dont use it 2 freely... <example I had rly bad day n idk wat i shld do 2 get rdy 4 2nite. 8.) No BMI over 24 (may sound mean but it's just that people " hi i'm 236 pounds i'm ed-nos and i'm 5'4 i need help getting down to 180... shut up you ain't welcome here. 9.) Be nice, no trolls you will be kicked out, this is a pro-ed community, don't come in here to say "you guys realize what you're doing to yourself it's stupid" you will be kicked out so doin't even say it. Intro post: Name(optional): Age: General Location: Height: Current Weight(cw): Low Weight(lw): High Weight(hw): Short term goal weight(stgw): Long term goal weight(ltgw): Pictures(optional): Interesting?: