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14 August 2005 @ 11:34 am
New here. I'm sixteen, going into my senior year. I've been skating for 12 years and currently compete at junior. I had a really bad injury three years ago and was off for almost two years. I had to have surgery and was basically immobile for most of that time, so I gained a lot of weight. I've struggled with food issues for a long time, but I've finally just given up fighting them. I skate three hours, five or six days a week, and generally stay around 1000-1200 calories on days I skate and under 500 on days I don't.

Anyway, off the food issues, I'm currently working on my triple sal (I landed a couple clean ones before my surgery, but they've all been two footed since) and double axels (axel is not my best jump). I've tried triple toes and flips, but, since I have a limit on the number of jumps I can do because of my injury, I concentrate more on sals. I spend a lot of times on spins, especially change of edge spins, which I've just recently started to get down, and other weird new stuff for the new judging system (my flying sit now takes off backwards from my right foot...). I'm probably not competing regionals this year because it's taken me so long to get back (and I don't have a long since the music guy is taking so incredibly long), but I'm competing solo dance in October (I'm on my internationals, and going to -fail- two of them Wednesday). I guess that's really about it.

HW: 140
CW: 125 (my stupid skater legs make me feel huge)
LW: 110
STG: 120 (by September 7)
LTG: 105 (by Christmas)
lovinanalovinana on August 17th, 2005 12:23 am (UTC)
agreed on teh skater legs :) lol, how tall are you, and wow you are really really good :) my goal is 99 by christmas :) i'm 5'7 and currently 125... :) good luck!

and welcome
tinyskatertinyskater on August 21st, 2005 04:41 pm (UTC)
5'3"...completely disgusting. I'm not allowing myself to do any more triple sals until I get down to at least 115, since losing weight'll just screw them up anyway. Despite my height, I'll be happy with 105 (probably -- we'll see when I get there), since I'm really muscular anyway. I haven't been 105 since I was 11 (and 4'11") because of my damn skating muscles.

And thanks -- I don't feel that good though. I did pass one of my dances, though (the harder one), so I'm temporarily pseudo-happy.